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How Does a Remodeler Differ from a General Contractor?

Are All Remodelers General Contractors?

It’s like one of those brain games. If all mangos are fruit, and all fruit has seeds, do mangoes have seeds? Likewise, if all general contractors can do remodels, but not all remodeling contractors are general contractors, can all remodeling contractors do general contracting?

The answer is no, but that’s not the point. The question is flawed. In terms of licensing in Oregon, there’s no such thing as a remodeling contractor. However, there are organizations such as the Pacific NW/Oregon Remodelers Association (ORA) whose purpose is to certify its members and guarantee quality for home and business owners looking to hire for a remodel.

There are only general contractors who specialize in remodeling.

It’s worth checking ORA’s listings before hiring a Salem remodeler. They serve the dual purpose of promoting local, reputable companies in the remodeling industry and helping Oregon homeowners keep their properties in good condition, thereby improving the state’s overall housing and commercial building inventory.
So, if a firm advertises itself as a ‘ remodeler’ or ‘remodeling contractor,’ it doesn’t mean that they have limited capabilities. They probably have experience in new construction, but chose to gear their business toward upgrades, renovations, expansions, and additions to existing properties instead.

So, Should I Hire a Contractor or a Remodeling-Contractor?

Honestly, it comes down to who’s the best fit. Look at examples of their work, previous projects, reviews from clients, and set up a consultation to see if their communication style jives with yours. Recommendations, online reports, and advertising are all well and good, but if you like what you hear/see/feel when you meet a contractor, then let that intuition guide you.

For many consumers, good rapport with salespeople and other professionals is critical to big-purchase decisions.

Remodeling Contractors Near Me KeizerHaving a friend as well as a business partner means you’ll know who to turn to when it’s time for upgrades and other projects, later on, saving yourself the hassle of starting the research portion of remodeling all over again.

As far as whether to narrow your choices down to specialty remodeling contractors or the general sort, it depends on your expectations. Remodelers take design and detail to an exquisite level, approaching home upgrades as an art, not just a trade. A remodeler will have a better eye for design, detail, color combinations, style trends, and what does and does not work in terms of functionality.

Though general contractors who do not specialize in remodeling can be equally good at creating beautiful spaces, the design elements will more-or-less be in your hands. Poring over options like balanced lighting, clean lines, emerging styles, and contemporary material options will take a backseat to the hammer-and-nails of the project. If you’re looking for expert guidance in terms of design-inspiration, find a company that specializes in remodels and redesigns.

On the other hand, if your goal is to upgrade a rental property to the basics, then there’s no need to go overboard on design when the place is going to need yearly or bi-yearly upgrades due to wear anyway.

Read on to find out how to avoid mistakes when planning your next home remodel.

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How Does a Remodeler Differ from a General Contractor?

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