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Benefits Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

Painting Considerations

Deciding to paint a home or the interior of a home can be a daunting task. And for some, it could seem like an enjoyable opportunity for a DIY project. But there is a lot more that goes into painting a home than one might think. Picking out the colors is probably one of the best parts of painting a house, grabbing handfuls of color swatches, and debating between several choices. Working with a remodeling contractor during this time can be useful. Because they have years of experience painting homes of all different colors, they have an eye for design. By suggesting specific colors that would complement the existing design of the house, along with particular finishes that go better in certain areas like gloss, satin, matte, semi-gloss, etc.

Professional painting contractors also have strategic ways of painting homes to make it the most efficient. Some homeowners might grab a bucket of paint and start wherever. But the painters at Star Builders, LLC approach each home and building with a specific game plan in mind. They know exactly where to start and where to end to ensure a thorough coating, and no spots are missed, without any awkward overlapping or mishaps.

Proper Painting Equipment

Another reason to hire a painting contractor is the amount of equipment they have available to them. Specific jobs require certain equipment, including safety gear, paint sprayers, and patching tools. When painting contractors arrive at a home or building, they will inspect all the surfaces before the painting begins. The reason they do this is to look for any abnormalities that would cause the paint not to perform correctly. Repairing any dents, chips, or scratches is necessary before the painting can begin. Which is why they bring repair equipment for minor things like this. Without repairing those dents and chips, the paint would look very uneven and not nearly as lovely as it could look.

The other equipment that painting contractors bring with them is drop cloths, plastic sheeting, and tape. Using these items will help prevent any paint from getting on clean surfaces, including windows, furniture, and floors. After the contractors have finished the painting job, they will be able to quickly take down all the equipment and clean up, leaving the area looking beautiful with a brand new coat of paint. Compare this to when homeowners try to perform these jobs themselves and likely end up with messes and have to spend hours cleaning up afterward.

Painting Assurance Guarantee

One of the main reasons people hire professional painters is the assurance they get from working with general contractors like Star Builders, LLC. Being able to rest easy knowing the team working on a home or building is insured and fully capable of performing the job needed to the level of satisfaction by every customer. Not having to worry about finding the right time to paint or the project taking months because spare time here and there isn’t enough is a great reason to hire a professional painting contractor. They can work with schedules to perform the job when it works best for the customer. And the job will be completed much faster than if the homeowners or building owners were to do it themselves.

Different Paints For Different Rooms

Painter Salem ORWhen deciding on which paints to use, it is imperative to consider the sheen of the paint. The sheen is the amount of shine that the coat of paint will have. A general rule of thumb is the higher the sheen, the more durable and resistant it will be. For kitchens, it is a good idea to choose a durable paint for the amount of traffic that goes through that room. High gloss or semi-gloss is an excellent choice because it is relatively durable and easy to clean. For the living room or other high traffic areas, a satin finish is a good option because it is also easy to clean. For more low traffic areas like the dining room, eggshell would be the best selection that provides a smooth finish. And for bedrooms and other small traffic areas, a flat or matte finish is perfect because it won’t reflect a lot of light, so it provides a warm, cozy feel to the room.

There are pros and cons to both high sheen and low sheen. High gloss is excellent for busy areas because it is easy to clean fingerprints and sticky messes. But higher sheens also show more imperfections. So it is crucial to be extremely diligent in the prep work before applying a high sheen paint. Whereas with matte paints or very low sheen paints, they do an excellent job of hiding imperfections on the walls. But this finish on a paint makes it substantially more difficult to clean. Any rough scrubbing will damage the coat and affect the look of the color.

That is why working with painting contractors is beneficial. With the knowledge and experience of all different kinds of paint, they will be able to suggest certain paint types for different areas of a home or building.

Quality Painting Products

There’s nothing worse than painting an entire room or the outside of a home or building to find out that the colors are not what it looked like on the swatches. Maybe it dried and faded from the vibrant color that it was in the bucket. Or the paint was the wrong type to use on the outside of a building. Whatever the reason is, it’s awful to waste that much time to get the incorrect results. But working with the painting contractors at Star Builders, LLC grantees the right products will be used for the right applications. Living in the Pacific Northwest, the team knows what kinds of paints are best suited for homes and businesses in the Salem, OR area. And because the team at Star Builders, LLC, are general contractors, they do everything from painting to construction to design. Providing Salem, OR residents with the best selection for residential and commercial construction services. Call today!

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Benefits Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

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