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5 Benefits of Having Your Home Custom-Built

Building a New House? Here’s Why You Should Go Custom

Preparing to move into a new home is an exciting time, but it’s also stressful. There are so many things to consider, and one of the first is whether you’re looking to buy a home as-is or build a new one. If you decide to build, you still have to choose between a fully custom-built home and a home built from a pre-drawn stock plan. Here are the benefits of going custom with your new home build versus buying a home in an established neighborhood or choosing a pre-drawn plan with very few customizable options.

The Benefits of a Custom-Built Home

While purchasing a home in an established neighborhood certainly has its perks, the major downside is the lack of customization available for pre-built or established homes, even in neighborhoods chock full of amenities.

1. Your Home, Your Style

When purchasing a home in a neighborhood, you may run the risk of having to abide by the local Homeowners Association’s regulations regarding your home’s appearance. HOAs are community associations run by volunteer property owners in an attempt to protect and enhance property values in the neighborhood. As a result, HOAs typically have strict rules about the homes in the neighborhood, such as what sort of plants, trees, and shrubs are allowed in your yard. Some HOAs even require pre-approval before installing a fence or adding on to your home, and they may control what colors you can use for your house’s exterior. This sort of limitation doesn’t sit well with all homeowners, so if you want to have freedom over the color and style of your home, custom-built is the way to go.

2. Customization

The most obvious perk of a custom-built home is the level of personalization available for you and your family. Working with a custom home builder ensures that your home will fit your needs. For example, while some families may enjoy a game room, others may rather have extra bedrooms or office space. Instead of forcing an existing home to fit for you, build your home to your needs. Working with an experienced contractor allows you freedom concerning your cabinets, appliances, countertops, and other features of your home’s interior. If you have a specific vision for your new home, a custom home builder can help you achieve it!

3. Energy-Efficiency

When you purchase an established home, you inherit the home’s plumbing, wiring, and HVAC system. You have to pay to upgrade these systems, which can run you tens of thousands of dollars. Your new custom-built home will have improved insulation and tight construction. Along with a new energy-efficient HVAC system, you’ll save money on utility bills and you’ll help the environment at the same time. Additionally, new custom homes come with modern eco-friendly appliances along with water-conserving plumbing, which will also help reduce your monthly utility bills.

4. Lower Maintenance

When you purchase an older home, you may also purchase hidden repairs and updates that were missed during the inspection. A new custom-built home brings peace of mind along with it and more time with your family without the constant to-do list and stress of ongoing maintenance in an old house.

5. Financial Advantages and Budget Flexibility

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A custom-built house saves you money in utility bills, customization costs, and more! Call Star Builders LLC today to get started on your new forever home!

More often than not, when you purchase a new home and new appliances, they come with warranties. These warranties work to replace things such as windows, HVAC systems, and ventilation systems if needed. Sometimes you may be able to finance some of your personalized upgrades to your custom-built home along with your mortgage. When you purchase an existing home, any renovations needed typically come out of your pocket.

Another financial advantage of customizing your home is more flexibility within your budget. Many people assume that a custom-built home is more expensive than purchasing an existing home or building a home from a pre-drawn stock plan, but that’s not necessarily true. When you work with an experienced custom home builder, you can ensure that everything that goes into building your home is within your budget.

Ready to Get Started On Your Custom Home Build?

Star Builders, LLC, knows that the joy of a custom house is in its uniqueness, the factor that makes that house your home. Our homes often begin with the traditional style that you want, but our craftsmen have the talent that can take those styles to the next level. You will love the ideas and innovations that we build into your home based on our thoughtful questions and your vision of your perfect forever home. While remaining true to classic designs that will never go out of fashion, we can suggest features that will increase the comfort and enjoyment of your home based on what we learn about you during the process.

Over the years, Star Builders, LLC, has developed a reputation for quality. Don’t take our word for it; our long list of awards and happy clients attest to that claim. When we start a custom home-building project, we bring the right people to the table, leave no questions unanswered, and take the time to maintain clear communication throughout the project. For Salem residents looking for a quality home building experience and a custom forever home, choose Star Builders, LLC. Call today to get started!

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5 Benefits of Having Your Home Custom-Built

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