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10 Reasons To Build A Custom Home In Salem, Oregon

Thinking of Building a New Home in Salem?

You’re not alone. Salem is Oregon’s state capital and a wonderful place to live. The custom home builders at Star Builders, LLC allow you to create your dream home for a fair price. The design team at Star Builders, LLC is ready to show you why a custom home is the way to go and that Salem, Oregon is a wonderful place to live.

1. Salem is a Great Place to Live

Salem was named #61 out of the 2019 100 Best Places to Live list published by According to, Salem has housing that is “mindbogglingly affordable for a city that ranks so high on amenities. While the rest of Oregon has seen skyrocketing housing prices, Salem has remained a welcoming and accessible city for young families.” In addition to affordable housing, Salem has many different museums, theaters, events, and festivals. While housing prices continue to rise throughout much of Oregon, Salem’s housing prices remain accessible for young families.

2. You Love to Go to Parks

If you like parks, Salem is the best place for you to build your new custom dream home. The city has 46 parks! Whether you’re looking to take the kids for a carousel ride at Riverfront City Park or you just need some quiet time with the trees at Minto-Brown Island Park, Salem has natural respites for every mood.

3. You Want to Drink Right Out of the Tap

The water quality in Salem, Oregon is out of this world. While recent years have seen some contaminants in the water supply for Salem, a majority of Salem residents express that the water tastes great! In fact, the most recent test data available indicates that any contaminants are at levels too low to detect upon entry to the water treatment plant! Gone are the days of refrigerators full of filtered water when you build your dream home in Salem.

4. You Love Napoleon Dynamite

Did you know that Napoleon Dynamite star, Jon Heder, is from Salem? The well-known actor and his family moved to Salem, Oregon when he was two years old. The star’s breakout role as nerdy Napoleon Dynamite put him on the map in Hollywood. Napoleon Dynamite was filmed in Idaho. Heder met his wife while they were both students at Brigham Young University, and they live in Santa Clarita, California with their four children.

5. You Like Halfway Points

Salem, Oregon sits on the 45th parallel which is the halfway point between the North Pole and the equator. We don’t recommend commemorating this with a photo, however, as the sign sits on the side of I-5!

6. You Like Baseball

Salem, Oregon is the home of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, a minor league baseball team. The Volcanoes are affiliates for the San Francisco Giants and the stadium is in nearby Keizer, Oregon. Watch the Volcanoes bring the heat on an outing from your new custom home built by the custom home builders at Star Builders, LLC!

7. You Are a Foodie

If you love trying new restaurants and eating out, Salem is a great fit for you. While you’re planning your home additions, you can also plan outings to some of the Willamette Valley’s finest restaurants and craft breweries. Salem has no shortage of wonderful food to try, so when you’re not enjoying the personal attention the general contractors at Star Builders, LLC provide, you can go out to eat in your new town!

10 reasons to build a house in salem oregon

If you like the outdoors, Salem is a perfect place to build your dream home. Find out more from Star Builders LLC and call today!

8. You Love the Ocean

While Salem sits in the Willamette Valley, it’s just a hop and a skip away from the ocean. Whenver you need a day trip, the Pacific Coast is just an hour away. In fact, if you love the outdoors, Salem provides access to mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Whenever you need a break from your dream home, you can go camping in one of the many beautiful wilderness areas nearby.

9. You Love Potato Chips

Salem, Oregon is the birthplace of Kettle Chips. The company began in the early 1980s, started by some true Oregonians who wanted to provide the world with a snack made from all-natural ingredients. Now, Kettle Chips is the largest manufacturer of natural potato chips in both the Willamette Valley and the United States.

10. You Love Wine

The Willamette Valley is home to some of the best wineries in the country. The Salem Wine Trail includes twelve scenic winery stops and you’ll have to try them all to determine your favorite. Will it be Honeywood or Firesteed Cellars? You’ll just have to build your dream home and move here to find out!

How Can Star Builders LLC Help You With Your New Home Construction?

If you’re looking for a new space and a new place to live, Salem, Oregon is a wonderful choice. Additionally, the design team and general contractors at Star Builders LLC have years of experience in custom home building. From the foundation to the final touches, we can handle every aspect of your new home build. Call today to find out more about Star Builders LLC and our incredible history of customer satisfaction!



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10 Reasons To Build A Custom Home In Salem, Oregon

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