The Giant Globe in waterfront Park Salem is a true sight to behold! Standing at a whopping 35 feet in diameter, the globe is an impressive piece of art. You will be amazed by its captivating design, with multicolored panels depicting the continents and oceans of our planet. The detail is unbelievable – you can even make out small islands and archipelagos! Not only does the Giant Globe stand tall as a tribute to our world, it is also a great place for family photos or team building activities. A great post.

The giant sphere was initially an ugly 3-storey pressurized tank that stored acid for use in the cooking of wood chips into pulp. However, it underwent a 5-year restoration project in 2007-2012 to transform it into the beautiful and unique globe it is today. The globe features around 86,000 ceramic tiles that depict the globe with vibrant colors. The tiles were created by local artists, making the Giant Globe a true representation of the Salem community.

The giant globe provides the perfect photo opportunities for tourists and locals alike. This is a nice way to capture the great moments and memories of your visit to the beautiful city of Salem. Those who just want to hang out on a lazy afternoon can simply enjoy the globe from a distance and bask in its grandeur or enjoy a peaceful picnic in the surrounding park.

Take a trip around the world without ever leaving Salem when you visit the Giant Globe! This huge sphere is an incredible sight to behold and offers some amazing photo opportunities. The detailed design showcases our planet in all its beauty, so make sure to take a few snaps of this unique attraction. With its vibrant colors and intricate design, the Giant Globe is sure to leave you mesmerized! Check this out.