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Why It’s Time to Start the Design-Build Process

Need a New Home in 2020? Build It

If you’ve ever lived in or owned a pre-owned home, you know some of the drawbacks. Have you ever had to convert a garage into an office or a basement into a playroom? Those sorts of projects take a lot of time and a lot of money. Save both your time and money when trying to force a home to fit you. Instead, design and build your perfect home from the ground up.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has turned many Americans’ lives upside down this year, many people are looking to buy homes with large home offices or big yards in anticipation of many more months of quarantine. However, the best way to make sure you get a house that has everything you need to make your family comfortable is to custom build it yourself.

Why is Now the Time to Start the Design-Build Process?

While many Oregonians are still under various restrictions due to Governor Kate Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” order, it’s likely that many homeowners who would have otherwise been selling their homes right now are staying put to avoid open houses and contact with other people. Avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with touring potential homes and start the design-build process now.

Benefits of a Custom Home

While custom homes take more time to build and are more labor-intensive than semi-custom homes, there are plenty of benefits to going completely custom.


why design build now 2020 salem or

Star Builders LLC can help you design the home of your dreams. Take advantage of personal touches such as this custom kitchen by calling us today to start your design-build!

Instead of figuring out how to make a home fit your needs, you can personalize everything from the ground up. No longer will you have to wonder how to make use of space. Don’t waste time looking at dozens of homes, hoping to find exactly what you want. Build exactly what you want.

Reduced Maintenance

Designing and building your own home is more than just choosing a layout. You also choose the materials. With high-quality materials and fixtures, your wallet will appreciate the fact that you won’t require as much maintenance or repair over the lifetime of your home. Buying a pre-owned home comes with its history. Building your own home ensures that you know exactly what your home has been through, including the plumbing, wiring, and more.

Lot Optimization

When you buy a pre-owned home or cookie-cutter house in a new development, you have absolutely no control over the placement of the building on the land it sits on. Building your own custom home lets you work with the designers so that you can take advantage of the lot you’re building on. Custom homes can take advantage of the sunlight and shade on your lot.


With a custom home, you can choose all amenities that improve your quality of life along with your loved ones, including your pets!

How Can Star Builders LLC Help You?

Star Builders is a local, family-owned and operated business with deep roots within the greater Salem-Keizer area community. We view every project as an opportunity to create a partnership with our clients, where we are all working together towards the same end goal. We are no different than our clients; we too are consumers, and whenever we look at making a purchase, we want to feel as if we are getting the appropriate value in return for our investment. This all begins as we develop and maintain a relationship of trust, honesty, and integrity as our core values. We treat each client with dignity and respect, which fosters a relationship where everyone feels valued and appreciated. We have learned that listening to our clients is job #1, and so long as we do that first, it sets the stage for a successful project.

Here at Star Builders LLC, our vast experience in all facets of construction make us uniquely qualified to handle all your building needs at every stage of the construction process from design-build to project closeout. We leave no unanswered questions, take the time to ensure our clients’ satisfaction, and maintain constant communication during every stage of the project. Our pricing is competitive, and the attention we give to each project proves our commitment to the success of each project and, ultimately, happy clients.

Call Star Builders LLC Now for Custom Home Designs and Builds

We can handle every aspect of the construction for your new custom home. Call today to get started! We can meet virtually so that both our staff and clients are safe and to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Your dream home is just a phone call away!

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Why It’s Time to Start the Design-Build Process

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