Facing Challenges in Standard Home Design

Life throws all of us a curve now and then.Maybe you’ve slowed down a step or two. Or maybe a loved one is faced with a more serious health issue. Whatever the reason, if you or a loved one have had a change in mobility, then dealing with your new situation can be hard enough without feeling like your own house is working against you.

We understand.

The house you were used to just doesn’t seem to “fit” anymore. Or the simple tasks of just getting up and around are becoming more and more challenging. Even worse, your house could be dangerous for you, your loved ones, or caretakers. Let’s face it. A standard house design just doesn’t work for people with physical impairments.

Even homes with open floor plans can have built-in barriers: 90-degree turns, stairs, and narrow doors. For a person facing mobility challenges, a home can quickly go from a sanctuary to an inconvenience.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our remodeling experts at Star Builders will perform a complete and thorough review of your unique situation that will combine our accessibility remodeling experience with our compassion to fully understand your needs.

    Our experts will visit your home to:
  • Listen to your needs
  • Evaluate your home’s structure
  • Assess safety issues
  • Map traffic patterns
  • Develop solutions to remove barriers